DevOps Automation using Jenkins…

🔰What is meant by DevOps Automation ??

Automation is the process which helps developer to execute the entire program automatically as well as it keep on checking the updated code on SCM tool like github. It is possible with the help of DevOps tools like Jenkins.

🔰What is meant by Docker??

Docker is a tool which automates the containerization. we can install more than one operating system on docker with in a second without authentication .

🔰What is meant by github ??

Github is the SCM tool i.e. Source Code Management . The developer write the code on github and when developer provide github link to Jenkins then Jenkins automatically execute the code for developer and also Jenkins keep on updating the changing code on github.

😍Now lets see how to integrate Jenkins with docker and github !!!

📌Here we are going to create 3 jobs as following:


First of all, we are assuming that Docker, Git, and Jenkins with the Git Plugin are installed in the system.

3.1. Task-1 : Automatic Code Download

For now, we have to create new Jobs for downloading the latest codes from both the branches of Github separately, to the Server system, for being deployed on the Web-server.

3.2. Task-2: Automatically Starting the Docker containers

Next, we create another Job for starting the docker containers.

Task-3: Merging the dev1 branch with master by QAT

Finally, this is the task of the Quality Assurance Team. When the team certifies that the dev1 branch is working fine, they can merge it with the master branch using Remote Build Triggers.

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